Company Aims and Values:
At  Vikram Exports we Endeavour to deliver our clients a product that exceeds their expectations and sets the benchmark in terms of quality and services
For us Customer satisfaction equals customer loyalty which equals customer retention.

The Company was started by Mr. Shyam Batra in the year 1966 with a goal of providing of all type of Home Furnishing solution to customers including Throws, poufs, Cushion, Curtains and Bath rugs under one roof, by the year 2011 the company has successfully established its full fledged Manufacturing units in Panipat and in Surat, with its own Dyeing unit in Panipat,

Upcoming factories: The company is in process of establishing two more new units in Panipat with a Aim of high revolving production and new lamp shade manufacturing unit in Delhi, we have successfully added our sub Vendors in Moradabad for fulfilling the Buyer requirement of Hard goods keeping our goal maintained to provide every home furnishing solution to our customer under one Roof.

New Developments and Products: Super soft Polyester Bath Mats backed up by solid machine latex back and extra soft luxurious Bath robes made out of Polyester. (Polyester has an advantage over cotton in terms of water absorbency and softness). Knitted Lampshades has added an extra feather in our cap, in fact the home interior completes with the final touch of knitted Lampshades.


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